The Boat programs we sell offer broad coverage, understandable policy language,
and special benefits that won't limit where and when you use your boat other than
offshore distance restrictions.

We sell policies to insure a wide range of boats up to 64 feet in length and 70 mph:

Boat Essentials - Coverage Limits and Options

Liability Only
You can be held liable for damaged property or personal injury, to both non-family and family members,
if an accident occurs while you are boating.

Protects your boat from damage resulting from fire, theft and most other perils, plus adds collision coverage for accidental damage.

U.S., Canadian and Mexican Waters
Some carriers tell you when and where you can use your boat, even naming specific lakes and waterways. With the policies we sell, you're covered in the waters of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico's Pacific coast, north of Rio Santo Tomas. Offshore distance restrictions apply.

Medical Payments
Up to $10,000 in medical expense coverage is available for boating injuries.

No Hidden Deductible
What is on the policy is what you pay.

No Required Lay-Up Period
Use your boat for a longer period during the year.

Tournament Participation
No coverage exclusions when you compete in the occasional water-skiing contest, fishing tournament,
or sailing regatta.

Boat Extras – Beneficial Options

Watersports Liability
If your family likes to water ski, wakeboard or tube-ride, this option is just for you.

Protects the trailer you use to tow your boat.

Advantage Endorsement
This endorsement upgrades you to these coverages:

Uninsured Watercraft.
Add bodily injury protection if another boater collides with the boat you are operating
and that boater is not insured.
Non-owned Watercraft Liability.
Extends your policy's liability coverage to most boats you rent or borrow.
Personal Effects Coverage.
Covers personal belongings stored inside the boat that are lost, stolen or damaged.
Emergency Assistance and Towing.
Protects you if your boat breaks down on the water, or if your trailer breaks down during transport.

Need higher limits for any of these coverages?
Ask your agent about our optional Advantage Plus Endorsement.

Large boat owners know how important it is to have coverage for these supplemental boats.

Partial Loss Replacement Cost on Parts
If a part on your boat is damaged, and the part is less than two years old, this option will replace the part.
The Extended Partial Loss Coverage replaces parts up to five years old.


Insurance not available in AK, DC, HI, MA, ME, NH, RI and VT