Manufactured Home Owners Insurance

The term "manufactured home" refers to any home prefabricated in a factory.

Commonly used terms include:
                Mobile Home
                Modular Home
                Panelized Home
                Pre-Cut Home

Home Owners Products

Package Program
The broadest coverage available, this program protects the home, personal property and adjacent structures, like a shed or detached garage. Personal liability coverage is usually included.

If you rent your home to others, this policy covers just the home structure. You can add coverage for premises liability and for personal property you may still have in the home.

If you are the renter, this policy protects your personal belongings and offers personal liability as an option.

Manufactured Home Essentials - Coverage Limits and Options


Beyond protecting the home itself, comprehensive coverage adds equipment and fixtures that were part of the home when first built or purchased from the dealer, including detached garages and sheds.

Personal Property

Choose actual cash value or upgrade to replacement cost coverage for your personal property.

Personal Liability

You could be held liable for an accident that causes property damage or bodily injury to another person.
If included in your policy, you have coverage for the damages incurred and legal representation.

Medical Payment to Others

If someone is hurt while on your property, you have coverage for their medical needs up to policy limits.

Enhanced Coverage Endorsement

For a primary residence, our policy may offer, or automatically include*:

Higher limits for special personal property (jewelry, heirlooms, etc.), additional living expenses, debris removal, food spoilage and more.
- Recharge your fire extinguisher if used to fight a fire.
- A reward for information leading to a criminal conviction for arson or vandalism.
* Availability varies. Ask your agent for details.

Manufactured Home Extras – Beneficial Options

Builders Risk

When your loan closes, but before you move in, this coverage provides protection for personal liability, theft of building materials, and damage caused by site improvements. After delivery, it protects the home, adjacent structures, and personal property - even before the home is ready for occupancy. Many lenders require this coverage before they will make a loan.

Additional Living Expense

Provides coverage for your living expenses should your home become uninhabitable due to a covered loss.

Identity Theft

Covers certain expenses if someone steals your identity.

Mechanical Breakdown Endorsement

This coverage provides mechanical breakdown protection for systems and appliances in the home.


Insurance not available in AK, DC, HI, MA, ME, NH, RI and VT